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1. Emergency Services Policies
a) In case of emergency cases, students may contact PKU at 095493111 (Gambang) / 09-4245777 (Pekan) during office hours or contact the  Medical Officer / Assistant Medical Officer on duty after office hours for treatment.

2. Reference Services To Customer Hospital Policies
a) Students who require specialist doctor treatment, should get a reference letter from PKU's medical officer.

b) For admission to a government hospital, students are required to obtain PKU's Letter of Acceptance. These statements can not be used for Private Hospitals.

3. Medic Standby Policies
a) Students who require 'medic standby' for curriculum, sports, etc., should submit an application letter for at least two weeks from the date of the activity.

b) Students should inform the PKU if the activity is canceled or suspended and so forth.

4. Services For First Aid Medicines Policies
a) Students must submit the letter at least one week before the date is required.

5. Emergency & Ambulance Service Policies